Thermoelectric data


I am looking for thermoelectric data, and I stumbled on following paper:
which discusses a large set of 48,000 materials for which thermoelectric data was calculated. They reported that the data will also be made available on the Materials Project.

I found it at MPContribs here:
But it states only 10 000 materials are included.

Can anybody elaborate why, if I understand correctly, not all data seems to be included?

Hi Jasper,

happy you found the Carrier Transport dataset on MPContribs. You’re right that there are only 10k materials uploaded right now. One reason is that we only included materials with a GGA gap > 0.1 in the initial upload. Would you be interested in the other ones, too? If so, I can go back to the original uploads and make sure we have everything up on MPContribs.


Hello Pattrick,

If that would be possible it would be very interesting for us!

I am now downloading the data both via the MPContribs API and the Materials Project API to match the structural data, was this the appropriate way or am I making things to difficult?

Thanks a lot,

Ok, no problem. Francesco Ricci and I will get on it and keep you posted here.

Yes, you’re doing it the appropriate way. If you’re interested in the canonical structures for an MP material, you’d use the materials identifier (“mp-id”) returned by the MPContribs API to retrieve the according structure from the Materials Project via the MPRester in pymatgen. You can use the mpcontribs-client and MPRester in a python notebook to retrieve what you need from both APIs. See the get_started, qsgw_band_structures and matbench_v1 notebooks at for examples.