How to use qlaunch rapidfire for LSF

when I use qlaunch to launch firework task in LSF system. qlaunch singleshot is ok. But when I
use qlaunch rapidfire mode to execute three yaml tasks. I encounter the following probems.

2020-02-28 10:53:44,086 INFO getting queue adapter
2020-02-28 10:53:44,087 INFO Found previous block, using /soft/apps/Chem/fireworks/Fireworks_1.9.5/fw_tutorials/queue_test/block_2020-02-28-02-40-56-772358
2020-02-28 10:53:44,104 ERROR ----|vvv|----
2020-02-28 10:53:44,105 ERROR Error trying to get the number of jobs in the queue
The error response reads: bjobs: invalid option – ‘o’
Usage: bjobs [-h] [-V] [-w |-l] [-a] [-d] [-p] [-s] [-r] [-A]
[-m host_name] [-q queue_name] [-u user_name | -u all]
[-P project_name] [-N host_spec]
[-J name_spec] [-g job_group]
[jobId | “jobId[idxList]” …]

2020-02-28 10:53:44,106 ERROR ----|^^^|----


  • _fw_name: ScriptTask
    script: echo “howdy, your job launched successfully!” >> howdy.txt

_fw_name: CommonAdapter
_fw_q_type: LoadSharingFacility
rocket_launch: rlaunch rapidfire
queue: debug
ntasks: 20
account: null
job_name: null
logdir: /home/dell/.fireworks/
pre_rocket: null
post_rocket: null
launch_dir: /soft/apps/Chem/fireworks/Fireworks_1.9.5/fw_tutorials/queue_test
_fw_template_file: /home/dell/LoadSharingFacility_template.txt

thanks in advance